The patient or responsible party should bring their insurance card(s) and a photo ID.

The patient or responsible party should bring their preferred payment method for any co-pays or balances.

The patient or responsible party should review carefully all of their information as listed on the chart. Spellings, addresses, and other demographic information should be reviewed.

All patients are required to have a responsible adult age 18 or over to receive discharge instructions along with the patient and are required to either drive or ride along with the patient to their home. Patients are not allowed to ride home in a transportation van without the adult who received the discharge instructions. For patient safety, we request that a responsible adult remain at the center with the patient at all times.

Parent(s) or legal guardians of pediatric patients (17 years of age or younger) need to remain at the Center at all times until dismissal. Legal guardians should bring with them any legal or guardianship papers.

If you have a Latex allergy, or think you may be pregnant, please call the surgical center at (615) 332-3600 to speak to the pre-op assessment coordinator.